Customers expect to see something new and different in our malls, we make sure all our Specialty Leasing adds an extra element of fun and surprises to a day out shopping.


Our shopping centres are not only great for retailers and brands seeking long-term outlets, they also offer incredible short-term opportunities. Arabian centres offer specialty leasing options in each of our retail properties. We invite you to learn more about customizable trolleys, carts, and retail events.


Small Business owners and entrepreneurs have the chance to showcase within events hosted at our locations. We allow startups to utilize mall retail to connect to a broader audience of shoppers.


Whether you’re a first-time retailer or an experienced local brand, eager to showcase seasonal and innovative assortment, our specialty leasing opportunities are designed to fit your business needs.


Our opportunities across the portfolio enable innovative retailers to trade with us for a short period of time, without the need to invest in a customized stand.


The temporary retail program, is the right opportunity for you, if you want to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Introduce your new product offerings
  • Launch your home-grown business
  • Expand your online based business – and engage with your consumers offline
  • Move from part time business owner – to full time entrepreneur
  • Expand your customer base
Specialty Leasing


Invest your site and manage your business activities in any of our malls and in different seasons to test the market through a site and increase your sales