Experiential marketing connects you to the people that matter to you and our malls within 11 million visitors a week create the platform for your brand to interact with its targets groups.


With a portfolio of malls and retail properties throughout the Kingdom, our venues are ideal for targeted, memorable promotions and marketing campaigns.


Experiential brand promotions provide the ideal platform for brand awareness. They offer a bespoke experience that, when integrated with digital platforms, consumer interaction and brand-reach, is amplified massively.


Why to use brand activation?

  • Get close to the people that matter
  • Experiences positively improve brand perception and encourage word of mouth with your target audience
  • Improve customer satisfaction & brand perception
  • One of the key purchase decision factors is the ability for customers to sample a product or see a demonstration. Helping them make sense of their options, which builds up long term brand equity
  • Create real-world connections
  • Real relationships start with people and meeting your customers in the real world is the beginning of building a lasting connection
  • Target your audience
  • We match you to the venue that best fits your business, in terms of demographic profile match, required footfall and location
  • Lead generation
  • Experiential marketing is a proven way of generating highly qualified leads
  • Sampling.
  • Nothing provides better return on investment than putting your brand directly into the hands of your consumer
  • Brand demonstrations
  • One of the key purchase decision factors is the ability to sample a product or see a demonstration
  • Brand awareness
  • Spend days at a time with your target audience with fewer brands competing for their attention compared to other channels
  • Get customers thinking about your brand in a creative way


We have a number locations for rent in each of our malls, which are available to approved applicants. Contact us to see how you can grab our shopper's attention and create a loyal customer for life with your next brand activation with us.

Brand Activation & Promotion


Getting closer to people, improving customer satisfaction, and brand awareness is one of the key factors behind your purchase decision